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Social Media

Strategy and Tactics To Increase Dollars, Not Likes

Over the last decade, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become integral parts of our daily lives. Your potential customers are on there to connect with friends and family, engage in conversations, and look for recommendations.

How can you use social media to connect with your audience? How can you be sure that your social media marketing plan is leading to new business?

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By The Numbers


People in the United States who have at least one social media profile.


Brands that say measuring the effectiveness and ROI of social media is a challenge.


Digital consumers who use social media to research new brands or products.

The Ever-Changing Social Media Strategy

Just a few years ago, social media was easy: Create posts, and your audience would see and interact with them. Then things changed. What worked in 2016 does not work today. Facebook now only shows your post to less than 1% of your audience, unless you pay to boost it.

Most marketers and social media agencies haven’t kept up with these changes. Instead, businesses keep posting to social media without ever getting a like, share, or comment. Agencies and software companies tout the importance of social media but still report on likes and impressions – neither of which mean much for achieving real business goals.

We take a different approach to social media.

Our Approach to Social Media

Local businesses need to be smarter about social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are not the cure-all platforms they once were and should not be the main component of your digital marketing. Instead, local businesses should use social media marketing in conjunction with other marketing efforts. Social media campaigns should be measured as any other marketing channel – in terms of leads and revenue.

Go Where Your Customers Are

There are plenty of social media channels out there, with new ones appearing each year. Which social channel makes sense for your business? Based on your target audience, your message, and your budget, our team will make recommendations for which channel(s) fit best for your digital marketing plan.

Targeted Social Promotion

The real power in social media is the robust targeting options available to brands and advertisers. We tailor campaigns to specific behaviors and profiles relevant to your target audience including demographics, geo-fencing, online behavior, and previous engagement with your company. This way, we can make sure your message gets in front of those most likely to need your product or services.

More Than Just Impressions

Most social media software and agencies define success as the number of impressions and clicks you received on a post. But likes don’t pay the bills — sales do. At YDOP, we track metrics that matter to your bottom line – including calls, store visits, purchases, or quotes. That way, you can better understand exactly how your social media campaigns are growing your business.

Combine With Other Marketing Efforts

Social media campaigns targeted to local audiences are more successful when done in tandem with other traditional and digital marketing efforts. Our team creates a cohesive marketing campaign that involves paid advertising, videos, and email marketing — so you have several opportunities to get your message in front of your target audience.

Get more results from your social media marketing

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