Our Team

Meet Our Team of Digital Marketing Experts

We have a team of digital marketing professionals who are passionate about helping our clients succeed. Each brings years of experience, deep expertise, and a hunger to grow in their area of focus.

Steve Wolgemuth


Aimée Deraco

COO/Lead Strategist

Jacki Robison

Director of Client Services

Brandon Schmidt

Director of Digital Strategy

Mike Deraco, UXC

Director of Creative & UX

Mike McGovern

Director of Content Marketing

Bryan Rutt

Director of Paid Advertising

Hannah Brown

Account Manager/SEO Strategist

Michaela Ebersole

Account Manager/Social Media Strategist

Darren Chillot

Account Manager

Cara Evans

Account Manager

Maddie Gargano

Paid Advertising Specialist

Tim Dalbey

Web Developer

Tina Conrad

Web Developer

Dan Frederick

Web Developer

Caleb Hilsher

Visual Designer

Michael Wolgemuth

Digital Marketing Specialist

Zak Wiegand

Digital Marketing Specialist

Evan Sholtis

Digital Marketing Specialist

Katia Clay

SEO Specialist

Clarese Urban

SEO Specialist

Mallory Weaver

SEO Specialist

Lori Wolgemuth

Accounts Receivable

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