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Our Unique Approach to Digital Marketing

Business-First Strategy & Tactics

If you are like most business owners or marketing managers, you’re not looking for another agency to manage; you want a proactive strategic partner to bring ideas and solutions that will help you grow your business.

At YDOP, we take a business-first approach to your strategy and provide transparent digital marketing initiatives that deliver real-world results. Our goals align with yours – to make you more money! See what makes YDOP different than your average internet marketing agency.

Our Unique Approach to Digital Marketing

What Makes YDOP Different?

Most digital marketing agencies sound pretty similar to one another when we talk about our capabilities. But how do you know which will get results for your business?

We’ve found that local businesses need specialized strategies and tactics to generate more leads and and grow sales. Whether you are a local home services business, brick and mortar location, or a professional service provider, you want proven methods to build & increase your audience online.

At YDOP, we developed an approach we call Near-user Marketing®. Our team has deep expertise specifically tailored for businesses and organizations with localized targets. We leverage these digital marketing tactics together to create a cohesive online strategy to meet your revenue goals.

Our Digital Marketing Process

We are confident that you’ll discover a refreshing difference in YDOP during our first conversation. We are business people. We understand how business works, and how marketing needs to serve your sales objectives. You’ll find that we won’t try to sell you anything. With your help, we’ll build clarity around a clear vision for your online marketing and an approach that best aligns with your budget, timeline, and objectives.

Initial Meeting

The first thing you’ll discover about YDOP’s team is that we are business people. We recognize that every business has different needs, so we don’t propose cookie cutter plans. The success of your business is just too important for that. We understand that the goal is to use your marketing budget to bring a monetary return far more valuable than your investment.

To create that plan, we’ll ask for an initial meeting when we can discuss your goals, business opportunities, plans for growing your business, and your current standing in the digital marketing space.

Monthly Marketing Work

Our clients appreciate a scheduled amount of the YDOP team’s attention each month to perform various internet marketing tactics. The amount of attention is determined by you in advance. Some clients suggest larger budgets so they can reach their goals faster. But businesses with more modest marketing budgets opt for more affordable, slower-paced approaches with longer-term results.

Our team can move at a pace that makes you comfortable. The more blocks of time you budget for, the more time and attention you receive from the YDOP team each month.

Measure Everything

While we love creating websites and marketing campaigns that look great, what really matters is the financial growth of your company. How is your website, SEO, digital advertising, and email marketing creating more leads and generating more business for your company? That is the question we are always seeking to answer.

Our team sets up conversion tracking and monitoring systems so we can pinpoint how well your digital marketing efforts are performing. This information helps us better optimize your ads & site and lets you make smarter decisions across your marketing channels.

Let’s Schedule Some Time to Talk

Interested in how YDOP can help you improve and measure your digital marketing efforts? Contact YDOP to schedule a casual conversation to discuss your business goals and see how we may be able to help.

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