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Digital Marketing Services

Strategy & Tactics to Get Found Online

Explore our digital marketing services and learn how YDOP can help your business grow by finding new customers that are engaged and ready to add to your bottom line.

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Why Invest in Internet Marketing?

Digital marketing is complicated. The expansion of advertising platforms, social media channels, and features in Google’s search results leads to a long list of potential opportunities, some of which are not effective for local businesses.

Don’t waste your money on internet marketing tactics that don’t get results. You want a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your company’s marketing goals, works together with your offline and traditional efforts, and leads to increased sales and business.

Is YDOP a Good Fit for You?

Over the years, we’ve found that our approach and services work best for specific types of companies and industries. If you fall into one of these categories, YDOP might be a good fit for you.

Service-Area Businesses

Businesses that have a defined service area — whether that is 5 miles from the office, an entire city or county, or over several states — have unique challenges with getting found online. We know what it takes to target your ideal customers and convert them into leads.

Multiple Brick & Mortar Locations

If you have 2-50+ physical locations, it is crucial to have Google understand that you are a single company with separate locations. We provide the strategy and tactics so you can leverage your locations as a competitive advantage within your geographic area.

Professional Service Providers

Professional service providers — including physicians, lawyers, CPAs, and financial advisers — rely on local SEO and digital marketing services to optimize their online presence for their locations and target audience. Our services support these types of businesses as well as the individual professionals within the business.

Manufacturers and Dealers

As a manufacturer with a regional or national network of dealers, their success is your success. Make sure your dealers are equipped to reach their local markets and sell more of your products. Our services help manufacturers and their dealers compete locally and nationally online.

Are You A Good Fit for YDOP?

Not every small or medium sized business is a good fit for YDOP and the services we offer. Here are some of the characteristics that might make you a good fit for the YDOP team.

Looking for a Partner, Not a Vendor

We work best when we partner with our client’s leadership or marketing team. We also value clients who view digital marketing as an investment, not an expense.

Know Your Business Numbers

We see the greatest success with clients who know their business numbers, including: How much does it cost to get a new customer? How much is a new customer worth to your business? If you don’t know your numbers yet, that is fine; we can help you figure those out.

Invest in Long-Term Strategy

We don’t believe in quick fixes, which can be unethical and even against Google’s rules. Instead, we want clients who are interested in creating and building upon a solid foundation for their internet marketing efforts.

Create a Unified Internet Marketing Strategy

Don’t settle for a cookie cutter approach to your internet marketing. Get valuable insights and support from a team that will craft a strategy based on your overall business goals. Contact YDOP to schedule an initial meeting.

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