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Analytics & Measuring

Get Accurate, Real-Time Marketing Data

How does your business measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? Do you know what channels are producing the highest ROI? Can you measure how much money your business made from a specific campaign?

By The Numbers


of small businesses do not use website analytics, call tracking, or coupon codes.


of businesses are not able to measure the impact of social media on their business.


of marketers say proving the ROI of their marketing activities is their top marketing challenge.

The Importance of Measuring Advertising & Marketing

John Wanamaker once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Now, thanks to digital technologies like call tracking, website analytics, and UTM codes, you can get a better idea of how your advertising and marketing campaigns are turning into sales for your business.

Having access to real-time data means you can adjust your budget dollars on the fly, adjust under-performing campaigns, and stay ahead of your competition.

Our Approach to Analytics

At YDOP, we want your marketing to support your business, not be a waste of money. With properly set up analytics and metrics systems in place, you can make smarter business decisions so you can see a better return on your investment.

Measure What Matters

Any good digital agency will set up analytics on your site and provide reports on traffic. We take it a step further. We report on the metrics that matter to you. Who cares about how many people visit your site if they are not turning into paying customers? By focusing on more meaningful metrics, we can provide a clearer look at the state of your digital marketing.

Access to Real-Time Data

We provide our clients with an online dashboard packed with relevant statistics for your company. It’s formatted to be easy to read and understand, and it provides real-time information so that your team can make better business decisions about your marketing. Unlike other analytics systems, we can also provide information on conversions from other online and offline sources, including social media, billboards, and print ads.

Let the Data Tell The Story

It can be easy to think that you know exactly how to create a website, advertising campaign, or online strategy. But every business, audience, and campaign is unique. That’s why we create the best website or campaign we can and then test it and measure the results. Number don’t lie, and we follow the data to make informed decisions on next steps. That way, we can best use your resources to get maximum ROI.

Full-Funnel Metrics

At YDOP, we want to ensure that your digital marketing is turning into more leads, orders, and revenue. To best measure the impact marketing is having on your bottom line, we work with your sales team to see how many digital leads are turning into signed contracts. This is especially important for industries with long sales cycles.

Ready to measure what matters for your business?

Talk to the team at YDOP. We’ll help you identify which data points from your digital channels make the most sense to measure.

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