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Social Media

Adapting Your Social Media Strategy in 2018

admin | Feb 14, 2018

As Facebook algorithm changes for organic posts, you need to adapt your social media strategy. Here’s what to do.

facebook algorithm change
Business owners and marketers alike are still reeling from Facebook’s announcement that effectively kills organic reach for business post. Though Facebook has been hinting at this change for a while, and page admins have seen a steady decrease in organic reach of their posts, January’s announcement from Mark Zuckerberg made it official.

If you are a business owner or marketing manager who relied on Facebook organic posts, you will need to look at other ways to reach your audience on social. Here are some ways a local small business or organization can adapt your social media marketing efforts in 2018.

Boosted Posts

If you still want to create organic Facebook posts, you can help your audience see it through Boosted Posts. By putting a few dollars behind each post, you can ensure that your followers will see it, without going down the advertising side of Facebook.

Facebook Groups

Creating a Facebook group allows business owners to create an inclusive community for customers and clients who are loyal to their product or services. Belonging to a group on Facebook opens an avenue for organic posts to be seen. Anyone who is in this group will receive notifications whenever posts are published. Facebook groups can also be beneficial for a business to use as a beta sample pool. Looking to test out a new product or service? Facebook groups are just the place to get customers engaged and communicating. It cultivates productive and controlled communication.

Facebook Ads

Although this is not a way around “fighting” the algorithm, it does serve an important purpose. Using Facebook ads can connect businesses with audiences that are not within the organic reach. This creates a greater opportunity to perpetuate your business into new market potential. Facebook ad targeting is extremely specific and refined making it ideal for remarketing and custom audiences.

facebook carousel ad example

Facebook Messaging

Many businesses use Facebook Messenger to answer customer inquiries and resolve customer service matters. Did you know you can also use Facebook Messenger similarly to how businesses use email marketing? With the automated chatbot feature, customers can subscribe to receive updates and offers via Messenger.

facebook messenger


Now that Instagram is owned by Facebook it is likely that algorithm updates are an inevitable change. If you have a business page on Facebook it is important to update your Instagram profile to a business profile and link to your Facebook business page. This update includes contact buttons on the Instagram profile that allow users to contact the business directly via email or phone. The update also includes a button to add in directions to the business location. Instagram can promote posts as well as Instagram shopping tags. However, the Instagram shopping tag is only available to a select group of beta testers, but will be rolling up to all users in the future.

instagram product tagging

Other Platorms

Facebook and Instagram are not the only platforms in the social media realm that are beneficial for businesses. LinkedIn is a great platform to use for recruiting and building B2B relationships. Twitter is another, more informal, platform that can use to communicate and engage with their customers. Have products that pair nicely with DIY projects? Pinterest is the perfect place to promote your products and inspire your customers. Social Marketing is about being creative and anticipating change!

Adapt Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Don’t let the algorithm updates discourage your social media efforts. Unsure of how to implement the best social media plan for your business? Make sure to meet with your internet marketing company to develop a strategy that works best for your business.