Our Approach to Website Development

At YDOP, we’ve developed a simple, effective process for designing and developing websites. Our process is designed to give you an affordable custom website that performs well, looks great, and stays within budget and on time.

Designed from the Ground Up

To save money and increase profits, some website development companies rely on pre-built templates, merely updating colors, logo, and content to build your site. Unfortunately, this does not provide the flexibility or customization that your company deserves, plus these sites usually perform poorly from usability and SEO perspectives.

For each website we build, we start from the ground up rebuilding the site. From a fresh layout and updated content to a completely new brand, logo, and design, your site will be crafted with your user in mind. We perform keyword research, usability studies, check out your competition and other sites in your industry. More importantly, we interview you and your team, so we can capture your story and share it on the site.

Built to Rank Well

Every site we build uses the industry’s best practices for search engine optimization, usability, and conversion optimization. Built on Wordpress – an open-source content management system used on 28% of the entire internet – our websites are responsive, mobile friendly, and accessible. Plus, we will structure the entire site, from the number of pages all the way to the file name of the images, to make sure your site will rank well in the search results.

Flexible Website You Can Manage

Unlike other website companies that lock you in with their proprietary or hard-to-use software, a YDOP-built website is easy to edit and manage, and you will own your site from Day 1. By using Wordpress, we create websites that are flexible enough to meet your goals, while also easy enough for your entire team to edit. Of course, if you don’t want to manage your site, we provide this service for our monthly internet marketing partners.

Iterative Design

The rule of thumb for the internet used to be that websites needed to be updated every 2-5 years. Now, because of how fast the internet, search engines, and your competition is evolving, so must your website.

Websites are no longer static creations; instead, they need to be flexible, adaptable, and able to meet the internet challenges of tomorrow. That’s why at YDOP, our website builds are not finished when the site is launched. For the next 60-90 days, we are performing iterative testing on every new website. Through analytics and heatmapping software, we can identify how a new website is functioning, and can make changes to correct issues and improve results.

Lead Generator

We don’t build websites that just look great; our sites are designed to generate qualified leads for your business. By adding calls to action, opportunities for micro conversions, and intuitive navigation, your site will be optimized to help your audience through your sales funnel until they contact you.

Our design and development team does not just work on new website projects. We design display ads, create landing pages, and create infographics to support our digital advertising and content marketing efforts.

Website Development Company in Lancaster, PA

If you are not satisfied with the performance, design, or content of your existing website, contact YDOP for a free consultation. Let’s start a conversation on what it will take to build you a new website that will attract more traffic and produce better results.