Near-user Marketing®

Businesses with physical locations where they serve nearby customers (we call them localized businesses) have unique needs and opportunities in marketing. Sadly, in the last decade, agencies serving such businesses, for the most part, have been providing advice modeled after approaches better suited to big brands with larger audiences.

Localized businesses need to connect with prospective customers within geographic proximity of their locations. These businesses typically are interested in leveraging their carefully chosen location to attract potential customers and gain market share. The Near-user Marketing® approach recognizes this context, implements appropriate strategies, and executes tactics that are appropriate for localized businesses.

Near-user Marketing® coordinates search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, email marketing, website design & development, video marketing, conversion optimization, and social media strategy to produce relevant results. The Near-user Marketing® approach gains strength when combined strategically with traditional advertising (television, print, radio, direct mail, etc.) and public relations to improve the effectiveness of your business’s entire sales funnel.

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Internet Marketing That Realizes Your Business Location Matters

Localized businesses are under-served when they follow marketing models intended for larger brands with a national audience. While most approaches to digital marketing focus on a business’s online presence, they do not adequately employ tactics to leverage the business’s physical proximity to its target market.

The Near-user Marketing® approach harnesses the great power of the Internet and formulates practical strategies so that your local business can use its physical location(s) as a strategic advantage to ultimately generate leads and sales.

The focus of Near-user Marketing® is to prompt qualified prospective customers to identify themselves to you. If you can foster quality leads, Near-user Marketing® can generate them for you. We like to say that a localized business typically is able to measure success from Near-user Marketing® in “door swings, phone rings, and email dings.”

Near-user Marketing® Takes a Specialized Approach

The Near-user Marketing® approach provides a localized business with a number of strategic and tactical advantages. The most obvious are the marketing objectives that are only possible or relevant because of their audience’s proximity. Besides “door swings, phone rings, and email dings,” a localized business might drive attendance to a sale, participation at an event, or other observable actions on the path to a conversion into a loyal customer.

Local online search is another advantage. Recent changes in major search engines, and the popularity of web directories, give localized businesses a strong advantage. A well-executed Near-user Marketing® strategy will increase your localized business’s online visibility with your target audience, while also building strong credibility, since users tend to trust local search results more.

Implementing the Near-user Marketing® approach in social media, your business can expect increased engagement and deeper commitment from your audience within a common proximity. Mobile devices utilize this common proximity between location and audience and create contextual engagements. A Near-user Marketing® approach takes advantage of this, and other contextual needs of the mobile user audience, all of which work toward your localized business’s objectives.

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