YDOP has in-house capabilities for SEO strategy, written/visual content, and website development for your local business.


Steve Wolgemuth CEO

Aimée Deraco

Aimée Deraco COO

Ben Barrett

Ben Barrett Director of Visual Content

Mike Deraco

Mike Deraco Creative Director

Daniel Klotz

Daniel Klotz Senior Strategist

Mike McGovern

Mike McGovern Director of Content Marketing

Justin Mosebach

Justin Mosebach Director of Local Search

Nate Amspacher

Nate Amspacher Search Marketing Specialist

Tyler Ashley

Tyler Ashley Account Manager

Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown Account Manager

Katia Byler

Katia Byler Account Manager

Mike Clay

Mike Clay Web Designer / Developer

Maddie Gargano

Maddie Gargano Paid Search Specialist

Brad Erb

Brad Erb Internet Marketing Assistant

Drew Kramer

Drew Kramer Web Designer / Developer

Aly Kurtz

Aly Kurtz Administrative Assistant

Brendon Lamb

Brendon Lamb Web Developer

Michelle McGovern

Michelle McGovern Internet Marketing Specialist

Brandon Schmidt

Brandon Schmidt Content Strategist

Lori Wolgemuth

Lori Wolgemuth Accounts Receivable

Michael Wolgemuth

Michael Wolgemuth Internet Marketing Assistant