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What Makes a Great Home Services Website?

admin | Mar 8, 2021

Part of running a home services business means you are always looking for ways to get ahead of the competition.

Maybe you do that by offering exclusive products, competitive pricing, or promoting your exceptional customer service. But don’t overlook your website.

A website is often the first exposure potential customers have to your business. This is especially true for people searching, for example, for “plumber near me” or “roofing companies in Lancaster”, and finding business listings in Google’s local results.

A reliable, well-organized website can attract potential new customers and show up more often in search results, while a messy website could turn customers (and Google) off.

What are the components of a high-ranking, high-converting website? Here are a few keys.

Phone Number is Easy to Find

In many situations, a customer will be looking for a phone number to call to schedule an appointment. It is important to have a phone number clearly visible and easy to find. Most people look for the phone number at the top right on desktop and at (or near) the top on mobile devices.

HVAC website example.

Mobile HVAC website example.

Website Loads Fast on Any Device

A slow website can lead to lost business to a rival whose website loads immediately. Just how important is responsiveness and website speed?

Google announced that page load speed will become a key factor in its ranking algorithm. Not only is page load speed a factor in search engine rankings, it is also key to providing a good user experience. A lower website increases the bounce rate (when someone visits only one page on your site and leaves) and decreases time spent on the site. These factors can lead to lower conversions (calls, form completions) for your business.

Navigation & Design Elements Are Intuitive

A messy design that doesn’t provide clear direction will likely lead to lower website engagement and conversions. Design and device responsiveness are crucial — meaning your site looks good on desktop, tablet, and mobile. All three platforms are incorporated into overall website traffic, and none of the three should be ignored.

Website Builds Trust on Every Page

It is crucial to use your website to build trust with your customers, because it is often the first way people learn about your business.

There are several ways to establish trust while also highlighting your home services or HVAC business:

  • Contact Information Is Easy To Find. This works hand in hand with your overall website design. Key business information, such as name, address, and phone number should be easy to find and featured throughout the website.
  • A Strong “About Us” Page. This page highlighting owners, key employees, and company history can increase the human touch and establish a local trust within the community. Remember to include how long you have been in business for, so new customers can see you are integrated within the community.
  • Employee Credentials Are Highlighted. Showcase your certificates, organizations, and more to show your company is well educated and can handle any type of request.
  • Show Your Reviews & Certifications. Use your online reviews from Google, Facebook, and other sites to share what others are saying about you. You can also display relevant professional certifications and professional memberships.

Home services awards.

Service & Service Area Information Is Easy To Find

A new customer wants to know all about your service team. Make it very clear on your website what services you offer.

Establish pages for the different types of services you provide. Heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and commercial services should all be differentiated and featured individually within the website.

Services within each category should be highlighted separately. For example, a customer looking for heating repair service is likely not looking for heating installation service (at least, not yet). Those are two different services within the heating category and should be featured on their own page.

Service Area
Your service area should be clear too. That way you can limit the number of calls and requests from people who live outside your service area.

Anyone Can Make Updates to the Website

You shouldn’t need an experienced website developer just to make simple text or image updates on your website.

WordPress is the world’s most popular website platform, owning about 40% of the market. It’s gained that market share by being easy to use and well supported in the development community.

However, many times clients come to us with hyper-custom and extremely templated WordPress sites. This creates a scenario where it is almost impossible for anyone who is not an experienced developer to make simple and easy to do updates, which is not ideal.

Discounts Are Offered

Some HVAC companies shy away from promoting discounts online. Offering discounts can attract customers with no brand loyalty and who only want to find the cheapest price. While that is certainly true, there are some benefits to offering discounts on your website.

  • Highlight Competitive Advantages. Maybe your trip or service fee is lower than your competitors, or that it is rolled into the total cost of the job. Find the competitive advantages your business offers, and make sure they are highlighted.
  • Special Upsells. An example is a free annual inspection for any system installation that is offered.
  • Pricing Plans. Create a loyalty program, special financing programs, or include manufacturer rebates.

How YDOP Can Help You

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