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Email Marketing

How To Build a Successful Email Program for Your HVAC Business

admin | Jan 7, 2021

HVAC Technician

In a marketing world full of different avenues, options, and possibilities, email marketing can sometimes be ignored or placed low on the priority list. Having an email program is a necessity for your business, but having a successful one will help you stand out from your competitors.

Companies in every industry can greatly benefit from having successful email marketing, but it is especially true in the HVAC industry. Are you struggling with how to kick start your email program? Below are a few recommendations on how to build a successful email program for your HVAC business.

Why Should an HVAC Business Care About Email Marketing?

That is a question many people ask, and we’re happy to share why email is a key component for generating business from both new and current customers.

Email marketing is one of the highest forms of Return on Investment that businesses report. In fact, 59% of marketers report that email is a top driver. According to Mailchimp, email marketing earns up to $38 for every $1 spent. Not only is email an effective marketing channel, but it also incredibly cheap!

HVAC companies can also benefit from email marketing during the shoulder season. This is an excellent time for HVAC companies to increase their brand awareness. When temperatures vary and air conditioners or furnaces may not be on full throttle on a daily basis, email marketing can help generate business.

Here are a couple of additional industry statistics that really prove how impactful a successful email marketing program can be.

  • 73% of millennials prefer email communication from businesses.
  • 50% of U.S. adults check their email inbox at least ten times a day.

What Content Should be Included in my Emails?

Email programs for HVAC companies is most effective through targeted campaigns. Industry reports show that 68% of homeowners are open to receiving emails from home service providers. Emails also show a high engagement, 23%, when compared to social media. There is a higher chance of action and engagement through emails, when social media is simply a quick scroll past a post.

When planning out content for your targeted campaigns, think of specialized emails to send to your different lists and customers. Have automated welcome emails active for new subscribers. Send a quick promotional coupon to customers you haven’t heard from in several months. Highlight new products or your service team to the loyal homeowners that call you frequently. There are endless possibilities that HVAC companies can experiment with when planning your targeted email campaign strategy.

A general rule of thumb is to keep your subject lines short, sweet, and enticing. Think of a message that gets the point home the quickest. Avoid words and phrases that may sound like spam. A good way to test out subject lines if though trial and error, and by reporting on what your customers engage with the most.

How do I Build an Email List for My HVAC Business?

Your email list is special. These are all customers and people that are interested in your HVAC business. They want to hear from you!

Here are three useful tips on building an email list.

  • Ask for Email Address.This can be on an email sign up form on your website.
  • Collect Emails at Events. Tradeshows and public events are filled with people who are interested in your business!
  • Run a Contest or Giveaway. A great way for people unfamiliar with your company find you.

Need additional help building an email list that will help generate business? Check out these recommendations on how to build an email list

Email Signup Form

How Can I Keep My Subscribers Engaged?

In addition to relevant content in your actual emails, there are additional ways to keep your customers engaged.

A great way to keep your engagement rate high is to establish a rhythm.

What day of the week and time in the day is best to send an email?
The highest open rates, click through rates, and general engagement can only be found through trial and error with your email list. Once that day and time is found, be sure carve out a rhythm at that time. Subscribed customers want to hear from you, and will be expecting an email in their inbox.

Reports show that weekly emails experience the highest open rates with your email lists. Multiple emails in a week can hover on the line of spam, and one email every few months sends a message that you don’t care about your audience. The frequency sweet spot of weekly emails, or a few every month, generate the highest engagement.

The content in your emails should be singularly focused, but make sure to mix up the content with each send. If your weekly emails only offer promotions, that can sound too salesy and send a message that you only care about money. Emails that describe and highlight news about your HVAC company can end up being boring if that’s the thing customers only read about. Differentiating the subject in your emails will lead to lower unsubscribe rates and higher engagement.

Here’s an example offer email that performed very well for this HVAC company:
HVAC Email Coupon

How YDOP Can Help With Your HVAC Email Marketing

Our approach to email marketing is simple.

  • We will help manage your email contacts and lists.
  • We will design templates that are both desktop and mobile-friendly.
  • We will manage your campaigns.
  • We will report on results.

Are you ready to start building a successful email program for your HVAC business?
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