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Email Showdown: Sheetz vs. Wawa

Mike McGovern | Jun 9, 2016

When I first moved to Lancaster County from the Philly suburbs, I had never seen a Sheetz before in my life. Now that I’ve been here for a few years, Sheetz has grown on me. But Wawa always will hold a special place in my heart.

Whether you are on #TeamSheetz or #TeamWawa, let’s try to put our preferences aside and evaluate how each company handles its email marketing.



The Sign Up Process

Where to sign up for their emails on their website could have been clearer.

That tiny button doesn’t exactly draw attention to itself. However, the sign-up process was simple, so that made up for the frustration.


Welcome Email

It’s great that they have a welcome email in the first place. You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t do this.

Customers expect a welcome email. Send them!

Most email marketing platforms (we really like MailChimp) have tools that allow you to set up a welcome series of emails to new subscribers, which has shown to increase engagement.

This one isn’t pretty and the font size is too small. Font size for email should be 18 pixels minimum — this one was 12.

The email does tell me what types of offers to expect and explains the benefits of joining, so that part was well done.

{click to enlarge}


The Next Few Emails

Free stuff! Their messages are simple and pleasing to the eye. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

I’m not sure why it’s my “last chance,” since this is the only email I received about this offer. But whatever, free stuff!


The next email they sent was another straightforward, delicious-looking message honoring the sacrifices of America’s brave donuts.

We’re on to you, Sheetz. Enticing us with delicious freebies, all the while knowing we’re too weak not to buy coffee, a sandwich, and $40 in gas, too.



The Sign Up Process

Didn’t take long to find this one on their website. The sign-up form was simple too, and asked only for email address, first name, and location.


Welcome Email

Wait, what? I signed up for Wawa Rewards?

OK, that was not my expectation.


The Next Few Emails

I wish I had more to show you here. The second email I received was nearly identical to the welcome email (asking me to register a rewards card).

Now this is more like it. $4.99 for a Classic hoagie is a decent deal. I’d probably buy that. I wish it were just a deal though, without any hoops to jump through.


The email design is well done, and it looks great on mobile too. Always design your email for mobile first, since about 53% of emails are opened on mobile.

Winner: Sheetz

Sorry, Wawa. Don’t be mad — I still love your hoagies!