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Email Marketing

4 Ways To Segment a Local Email List [With Examples]

Mike McGovern | Apr 25, 2019

In our last post on email marketing, we talked about how to build an email list for a local business. While sending a monthly newsletter to everyone on your list is fine, if you want to maximize your ROI with email marketing, you have to dig deeper.

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One way you can improve your email click-through rates and engagement is through list segmentation, which simply means identifying and categorizing your subscribers so you can send them more targeted email campaigns. A study done by Mailchimp found that segmented email campaigns receive higher click-through rates and, as a result, more sales.

Using a few real-world local business examples, here are a few ways you can segment your email list and start sending better, more relevant emails.

4 Examples of Local Business Customer Segmentation

Lawn Care Service

Possible Segmentation Approach: By service type (mowing, fertilizing, mulching, etc.)


  • Lawn mowing customers: Upsell your lawn mowing customers on benefits of full-service plan, offer a discount to start.
  • Fertilizing customers: Tell them about treatments you’re offering to protect against a new invasive species.



Possible Segmentation Approach: By customer type (homeowners vs. business/industrial customers)


  • Homeowners: It’s time to service your home’s water heater. Schedule an appointment here.
  • Business owners: Now offering whole office water filtration systems. Request a demo today!



Possible Segmentation Approach: By patient type


  • Denture wearers: Update them about new products they might like – “We love this new denture treatment and highly recommend it.” Remind patients that you offer denture adjustments for free with a scheduled appointment.
  • Parents: Explain relevant research – “Here’s what the new ADA research about kids oral health means for you.”


Outdoor Living Structures

Possible Segmentation Approach: By structure type


  • Shed owners: Offer a guide with tips. 5 ways to keep your new shed looking great for years.
  • Gazebo owners: Send a new product alert. Screens for your gazebo to keep the bugs out!
  • Pergola prospects: Inspire them with visuals – 5 celebrity pergolas that we love.

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What Else Could You Talk About?

Even if you don’t want to segment your email list, you can still provide great value for your customers. Here are some additional ideas for creating an email newsletter for your local business.

  • Local events and volunteer work your company is involved with
  • Company news (hours changing, new hires, etc.)
  • Give your perspective on important news or trends within your industry that impact your customers
  • Promote a customer referral program

1. Using Segmentation to Improve Click Rate and Increase Sales