About Us

YDOP stands for “Your dream, our project.”

Our team satisfies an emerging need of businesses and organizations for partnership in strategy, management, execution of digital marketing, and website development.

  • We build business websites that look great and perform well at converting traffic into leads. 
  • We  engage in digital marketing for service area businesses and businesses with localized markets.

Our Approach   


Quick Facts About YDOP

  • Founded in 2006
  • Serving more than 120 clients across the United States
  • Located in downtown Lancaster, PA
  • Experienced, skilled staff members with industry-leading certifications
  • Deep expertise in User Experience Design (Web building approach)
  • Registered trademark owner of Near-user Marketing®


Client Profiles

Website Projects

Approximately one-fourth of our website projects are affiliated with large business/organization (excess of $1 billion in annual revenues), half for small/medium-sized enterprises (between $2 and $40 million), and one-fourth for start-ups and small businesses (less than $2 million).

Internet Marketing

Currently, we served over 120 clients, most of whom engage through a monthly retainer.

  • Average annual revenues for our clients: $2 to $40 million.
  • Three categories of annual digital marketing budget for our clients (excluding media buy):
    • Enterprise – $50,000 +
    • Partnership – $18,600 to $50,000 (majority of our 2016 clients)
    • Maintenance – $4,000 to $10,000
  • Retention Rate: We enjoyed an extremely high retention rate in 2016 for Partnership and Enterprise level clients. While marketing agencies typically report a 20% annual turnover, our partnering model coupled with its talent for getting measurable results has contributed to this year’s strong retention rate.

A Distinctive Culture

While our mission is to be the ideal Internet marketing partner for businesses with nearby clients, our vision is to conduct business with trend-setting approaches in sales, operations, and work environment.

We are a company that values relationships.

We do our best work when partnering with forward-thinking business leaders that value learning and collaboration and the smart, talented team members typically associated with healthy organizations. We enjoy helping these leaders and their teams leverage their capabilities, launch new initiatives, and reach their objectives using strategic approaches and online platforms.

Internally, our culture is well defined, broadly understood, and reinforced at every turn. It’s our “MOPP.” Every team member at YDOP is:

  • Motivated by Mastery. Constantly learning, developing, and improving. Everyone is held accountable weekly.
  • Others-First Mentality. We work for a win/win in every encounter; internally between staff, externally what we recommend and how we perform for clients, and in our marketing. We believe that the best marketing techniques employ empathy.
  • Partnering. We’re not a vendor, we’re a partner. We care about what our clients care about and we focus on creating good outcomes for them.
  • Productive. It matters to us that we have performed all the services promised each month. We created a proprietary software to keep each team member accountable and our schedules aligned with our client contracts.


A Distinctive Approach

Digital Marketing

Local service providers, retailers and even national businesses typically have a concentration of business opportunity in proximity to their physical location(s). But few digital marketing companies exploit this valuable opportunity, have the deep expertise in marketing to nearby Web users, or even the forethought to implement localized strategies. With that insight, YDOP made a commitment in 2012 to gain nationally-recognized, deep expertise in their trademarked approach Near-User Marketing®.

Near-User Marketing® is built on four pillars, which when used in tandem over a 1-, 2-, or 3-year period, bring strong returns on invested marketing dollars, particularly for certain industries. The four pillars are:

  1. Increase relevant website traffic. Establish a baseline and increase the number of visitors over time.
  2. Improve website conversions. Get a higher percentage of website visitors to take a meaningful and measurable action before leaving the website.
  3. Manage reputation. Avoid negative reviews, while building a strong and varied online review profile.
  4. Build connections. Leverage existing connections with clientele through social media and email to manage the middle of the sales funnel.

Building Websites

While most website companies have a background in design, traditional media, or programming, our website-building approach developed while improving other company’s websites using our proprietary processes for user-experience design and conversion optimization.

Insights gained through extensive experience in conversion optimization has shaped how we approach website design. Our website building team works toward a deliverable that’s measured by objective criteria (conversion/performance metrics) rather than mere approval of aesthetics.