Daniel Klotz

Web marketing requires strategy to be effective, and YDOP’s director of digital marketing, Daniel Klotz, has you covered.

Clients rely on Daniel’s unique expertise to turn their organizations’ objectives into clear, actionable plans for comprehensive Internet marketing initiatives.

Internet marketing can take a variety of forms and be executed from a range of angles, and with the rest of the YDOP team, Daniel will help you make strategic decisions and be able to communicate them with other members of your team.


In addition to his role coordinating client services overall, Daniel is YDOP’s in-house social media specialist. Setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your company is easy. It takes a special kind of social media consultant, however, to guide your company as you establish a consistent presence across social media. When Daniel works with a client, his first priority is to understand the company and its pressing and long-term objectives.

Google AdWords and Analytics Qualifed Individual

He then prepares a strategic plan for how you can use social media over the coming year to attain those objectives. Most importantly, he then works in partnership with your company to implement that plan. YDOP’s clients don’t outsource tactical work to Daniel; they bring him on board to help them wrap their minds around how they can use social media to better interact with current and potential customers and affiliates.

Inbound Marketing Certified ProfessionalDaniel understands how to effectively use today’s social networking tools and keeps a keen eye on emerging technology and trends. He loves consulting with businesses, including educational and nonprofit institutions, as part of the YDOP marketing agency. Before coming to YDOP, he was on staff at The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the marketing coordinator for Manhattan Apartments Inc. He serves on the boards of LIVE Green and the Creative Works of Lancaster. His blog, podcast, and Twitter account are linchpins in the Central Pennsylvania social networking scene.

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